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Join HRS

Become a member of the professional organization welcoming radiologists, residents and fellows in the Greater Houston Area.

HRS members benefit from the following:

  • Five (5) dinner programs featuring local & national presenters on radiological topics;

  • A friendly atmosphere at meetings for members to engage in the local community and network;

  • Ability to explore leadership opportunities; and

  • Mentorship opportunities with local trainees.


Join the Houston Radiological Society today! Click here to download an application.**

Active members are $150 per calendar year.

Residents and Fellows, through their program coordinator, are invited to attend HRS programs at no charge.

Dues statements are mailed October 1.

**All applications require the signature of two (2) current society members in addition to the application.**

Automatic Renewal Program

Simple. Convenient. Secure.

Participate in HRS's automatic-renewal program and never miss out on valuable benefits and services.

Plus, you'll help conserve resources by eliminating paper notices.

Click here for enrollment information.

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